1. What is a pdf file?

(PDF) is short for Portable Document Format. This is a file format used to present and exchange documents independent of software, hardware, or operating system that was invented by Adobe.

2. What kind of software do I need to view and print my sheet music?

A PDF reader is required to be able to view and print your music. If your computer does not have a pdf reader installed you can download it free from Adobe here: https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/products/pdf-reader.html

3. What is Classic Rock Transcriptions' privacy policy?

We never share your personal information, including email address, with anyone.

4. If I don't like the sheet music do you offer refunds?

Customer service is our top priority. This is why we upload the first page of any of the songs for you to preview before purchase. But because of the copyright involved we cannot offer a refund after the full pdf file has been forwarded to you. However if you have any problem viewing, or printing your file please contact us and we will resolve it for you.

5. How many copies of my sheet music can I make?

You are only licensed to print as many copies as you have purchased. You can replace a destroyed or lost copy. However, you cannot not distribute copies to friends or bandmates or print more copies than you have purchased. This ensures that the songwriter will be paid for each copy distributed.